The current Knowledge Base article details the process of sending a specific message to one or more customers.

You can send a message in special cases such as:

  • Cancellation of the tour for reasons of force majeure such as weather, accident, etc.
  • Compensation to the customer for any setback or inconvenience occurred during the tour or activity. 

1. Go to the menu in your account and click on "Broadcast Message":

2.  On this screen, click on "New Broadcast Message":

3. On the next screen, you must fill the following information: 

  • Title
  • Select the Product
  • Select the Date of  the tour or activity 
  • Select the phone number of the customer
  • Fill in the corresponding field with the required text and click on "Save" 

4. On this screen you will see the message that is "pending" to send and you must click on the last icon to send the message and the status will change to "sent"

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